Vor dem Historischen Institut

Endlich, nach zwei unbeschadet übestandenen Seminaren können wir nichtstuend rumstehen vor dem Historischen Institut angeregt über das Neugelernte diskutieren.

vor dem Histrischen Institut

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  • Hallo Norman!
    Danke für das Ablesen meines blog! Ich hoffe, daß du gut an der Hochschule tut. Welche Art der Geschichte hat das Historischen Institut? Ich verbinde mit Ihrem blog auch. Bleibst du in Verbindung und begnadigen Sie mein schlechtes Deutsches!
    Wo bist du jetzt? Berlin?

  • Hello Elaine!

    Our institute at the University of Greifswald consists of:

    Pre & Early History

    Medieval History
    Early Modern History
    Modern History

    Hanseatic League History (updated thanks to Malte)
    Nordic History
    East European History
    Pomeranian History

    Nevertheless, as a B.A. student I have to cover the eras of Medieval, Early Modern and Modern History, which may affect the Nordic, East European and Pomeranian History as well. We have to choose different modules such as „Early Modern History“ and have the attend both (this may differ from student to student and semster to semester) „Sweden, Denmark and the Holy Roman Empire“ of Nordic History and „The short 20. Century of the USA“ of Modern History and pass an exam.

    I will stay at the University of Greifswald (Berlin + 230 km up north) for at least another two years. But I have found a lot of new friends, as you can see on my blog.

    I put your blog into my feed reader and will of course keep in touch, but as you already covered in your post “ Lack of Communication in the Age of Communication Technologies“ this is a rather tricky subject – loved to read it!

    Greetings from Greifswald

  • Great to hear from you. It sounds like you are taking some great history classes. I too am a history major at Northwestern University studying American primarily but also interested in European, Asian, and Latin American. Thanks for reading my blog! I wish I could read German as well as you read English…right now I’m taking French, so my German is really rusty.

    Good luck at Greifswald!

  • Hi Norman und Elaine!

    Du hast leider den Schwerpunkt Hansegeschichte vergessen.

    Greetz Rhoxx

  • Vielen Dank für den Hinweis Malte.